Why I Love Bridesmaids

"Hey! How's it going?" "It's going great. It's going great. I'm on the mend. You know I just got some pins in my legs believe it or not? Pins in my legs, can still do this right? Fell off a cruise ship but I'm back." "Oh shit!" "Yeah oh shit! Yeah oh shit! Took a hard, hard violent fall. Kind of pin balled down, hit a lot of railings, broke a lot of shit. I didn't... I'm not going to say I survived, I'm going to say I thrived. I met a dolphin down there. And I swear to God that dolphin looked, not at me, but into my soul. Into my goddamn soul Annie. And said "I'm saving you Megan," not with his mouth but he said it, I'm assuming telepathically."

Bridesmaids is one of the greatest comedies of the last decade. Kristen Wiig and her writing partner Annie Mumolo were nominated for Best Original Screenplay, and probably deserved to win (though I must say that I adore Midnight in Paris which won that year). It is one of the sharpest, wittiest and laugh out loud comedies that you will see. Combining brilliantly observant and dead on scripted dialogue with some of the most improvisers in comedy makes for a delightful time at the movies. The quote above might be the funniest thing I have ever heard, the sublime Melissa McCarthy hitting the motherfucker out of the park. The whole cast is on that level, with a seemingly effortless ability to pull laughs out thin air.

Kristen Wiig might just be the best comedian of her generation. No, I will not say comedienne in that pat on the head, you're good as a woman way. She is perhaps the best of ANYONE. I am a long time fan of Wiig from her astonishing array of characters on Saturday Night Live, and that helped bring Bridesmaids to my attention. I have to say though, that as much as I love her work on SNL, I think Bridesmaids is her very best work. It is not just a dizzying, head spinning selection of amazing rapid fire jokes, but something with real emotional depth. You care about these characters and that makes the hilariously ridiculous situations they get into all the more funny. When things get heartfelt, especially during the closing dance to Maya Rudolph's character's wedding, I lose it, just a little bit. Wiig can do anything. She has proven herself to be a damn fine dramatic actor - check out the Skeleton Twins - as well as being one of the funniest human beings living. Expect a Why I Love article on the criminally underrated Ghostbusters reboot soon!

Bridesmaids is the definitive proof, if you need it, that women are just as funny as men. I feel stupid even having to write that. I mean, of course they are. I love Christopher Hitchens but that article shamed him. Anyone who has watched Bridesmaids, SNL or anything by Amy Sedaris knows that women have just as much ability and reason to be funny. The cast needs a particular shout out here. Melissa McCarthy... good God! She is PURE FUNNY. Everything she does makes me laugh, and when she needs to switch on the emotion tap, it comes full force and knocks you over. I love the scenes where her character tries to tell Annie to get her shit together.

Maya Rudolph, one of my favourites from SNL - funny, supremely talented and beautiful as all hell - does a great job here, and keeps the film grounded in real emotions as it threatens to float off in the haze of pure comedy. Ellie Kemper is sweet and sneakily funny. Wendi McLendon-Covey is world weary and hilarious. She has some deliciously dirty lines that hit home with a hell of a force. Chris Dowd, loved by me for his work on The IT Crowd and the devastating and distressing Calvary, does a great job here as one of two men given a prominent role in the movie. He is sweet, believable and very funny. Jon Hamm! Jon Hamm plays one of the great movie assholes. "You're a big asshole!" "So do you!" Always makes me laugh.

Comedies have traditionally been ignored at the Academy Awards, much to the shame of the academy. Bridesmaids is one that I would genuinely vote for best picture of 2011. It is an uplifting, beautiful thing, and raises laughs you didn't even think were possible. A good comedy gets to a deep sense of contentment that not even a great drama can't get to. Sue me, I love genre pictures. Those who believe that women can't be funny, WATCH THIS and hang your fucking head in shame. Comedies are great movies to share with people, and I can say that my mother and brother and friends loved this movie when I showed it to them. It is a film that you can't stop thinking about and want to share with everyone you love.

Bridesmaids is one of the best comedies of the last decade and up there with any of the classics: This is Spinal Tap, Groundhog Day, Annie Hall and many more. If you want to laugh... I mean, if you REALLY want to laugh get Bridesmaids out and let all your worries disappear. Kristen Wiig, you're brilliant and beautiful and I love you. Please continue making movies that make all of our stupid bullshit seem pointless. You have done us all a great service and I pray that you will continue to produce great stuff into old age. I am excited to see where you career will go in the years to come.


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