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"Take off my disguise I'm living someone else's life Suppressing who I was inside So I throw two thousand ones in the sky Together we're alone In Vegas, I feel so at home  I'm falling only for the night So I throw two thousand ones in the sky Oh, oh, oh, how much to light up my star again And rewire all my thoughts? Oh, baby, won't you remind me what I am And break, break my little cold heart?" AFTER HOURS is The Weeknd's greatest work, eclipsing his (admittedly rather good) straight Pop work, and surpassing even the greatness of Kiss Land , Trilogy and My Dear Melancholy, . It is an incredible thing to see Abel Tesfaye succeed on this scale with an evolution of the Noir R&B that made him famous, back in 2011. Yes, there are savvy Pop sensibilities mixed into the sound, as on 2020 standout "Blinding Lights", but much like "Wanderlust" did on Kiss Land , this is a momentary reprieve from the bleak, dark and oh so beaut