Why I Love Still Not Falling

"Somehow I knew that you would know me better than that

All this commotion
None of the emotion
I think I want it over
But you wanna come over

I ain't a world class gentleman baby
You don't know me like you should, that's okay babe
We could work it out or we could work it through
We could end it now or we could run it to the ground

I'm still not falling for you
I'm still just waiting by your side
I'm just waiting by your side."

Still Not Falling by Shy Girls is one of my favourite R&B songs of the last decade. It is a gorgeous production with some seriously beautiful harmonies and a vocal performance that is a straight up knock out. It is a sad, romantic song, something that speaks to all of the lost love that one experiences in life. "I'm still waiting by your side." I'll wait as long as it takes. Have a watch and a listen to the music video and see what I mean. Still Not Falling is up there with Novacane by Frank Ocean, The Party & The After Party by The Weeknd and Repeat Pleasure by How To Dress Well. It is a staggering piece of work. "Cause 1 I don't even know what this is about, 2 it never seemed like he had any doubts, 3 you never wanna call me on my bluff, 4 I never knew when enough is enough."

R&B songs like Still Not Falling express so much about why I think this life is worth living. It is a song that wraps you up in a powerfully loving feeling. When you are listening to this song EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT. Lying in bed, your thoughts go back to all of the women you've loved. They are ever present in your mind and your heart, and even though it happened long ago, you feel like they're with you now. This is a song that I would play for people I love, and I have done. If I was ever capable of making music, I would love to write a song like Still Not Falling. It is so wise, humbly and without fireworks. It is a song that grows. That last "Somehow I knew that you would know me better than that," and you're there. You understand yourself in a way you couldn't have previously. And hopefully you understand those you love better too.

A few words on the music video: hanging back, on the wall, watching a party happen but you are not part of it. That desperation and soul crushing loneliness when you know who you love but can't quite make it happen. I have recently experienced this and it is such a terrible disappointment when you realize that it's not what the other person wants. You have dreams where you bare your soul and wish for the courage to follow through when you awake. Except you never do. I remember going to a birthday party years ago - probably around ten years at this point - and seeing a woman I loved there and I was just overcome with regret and a deep pain in my heart. Songs like Still Not Falling help with that. They help you process these moments in life that everyone must go through to become a grown up and hopefully some day, someone who is loved.

Shy Girls, AKA'd as Dan Vidmar, has made two albums - 4wz and Salt - and one EP called Timeshare. Timeshare is my personal favourite but I highly recommend giving them all a listen on Spotify or iTunes. Vidmar may not be the most famous person in Noir R&B, but he is certainly one of the best. I would love to see him collaborate with The Weeknd in particular as I think they could do something truly special together. If I were making a Super R&B group, Vidmar would be on the list.

Still Not Falling is then a truly special song. It lifts my heart up and keeps me going, through all manner of horrible shit. It is one of those songs that you put on whenever you're down, or when you have found something new to love in life. It is a song you share, and vouch for. "HEY YOU, listen to this here song I found!" So here it is, my friends. Please listen, love and share. If you ever want to find me, I'll be on the floor dancing to this song, slowly and purposefully. Waiting.


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